May 31, 2011

oh no!
my computer is in the shop.
so, i'm using my tommie-boy's. i should be getting it back in a few days...

in the meantime....  i'll leave you a handful of one-word teasers, relating to what's going on in my world...i'll be back soon to fill in the blanks...

oregano and garlic chives
book review
movie review

now, be sure to check back...

May 27, 2011

this morning, i dashed out the door.. pink purse in hand and fueled with two cups of coffee. 
i was on a quick-trip to the local goodwill store and yes... searching for yard sales en route. 
so, what do you think of this huge bowl, made in italy?  i took a picture of it in the sink.. so you can get a good feel for how big it is!  cost:  12 quarters.  no chips.

one sale i went to, had really wonderful softcover's.  all .50 cents each. these are in fantabulous condition.  like new.  all either new york times best sellers or other award books. 


our weather here in michigan is painful.  i am so dog-gone tired of grey skies and the dampness.  my toes are cold. 
i'm signing off now... searching for my blanket and nestling in with my nefertiti book.  (see my sidebar).  i am really loving it!

May 26, 2011

a couple days ago... i headed out my back door and picked two cups of these delicate violets.  i found this website, which explains how simple it is to make violet jelly!  and, really... it is simple.  this recipe made 5 half pints.  truly sweet. 
i plan to use it as flavoring in iced tea.

now... what should i do with lilacs?

May 19, 2011

 there's a whole lota' buzzing around my house! 

my brother-in-law, blessed us with 15,000 bee's and three bee hive boxes!

he literally drove across the state to pick them up.

they're loving our fields of dandelions! speaking of which, i'm seriously considering making dandelion wine. 

our area here in michigan, while it's not as devastating as the mississippi river and surrounding cities, we have been bombarded with rain.  so much in fact, we're questioning how this will affect the crops, here in michigan (not to mention the southern crops we depend on)?  a significant number michigan farmers are in dire trouble this season...  delayed planting, if at all and total wash outs.  most sugar beets in the thumb have not even been planted yet. and soy beans have only a three week window in which to be planted.  today, will find me at the grocery store... stocking up on brown sugar and corn meal!

on the other hand, i've recently learned that the famous maritime explorer, henry hudson, survived a winter, eating nothing but white partridges, in desolate canada 1607.  so, i'm thinking we could always have it worse.  please pray for our farmers, no matter where they are.  i'm sure their hearts are heavy.

May 18, 2011

white wash wednesday.

in the kitchen: 
raspberry (gluten free) bread baking.

homeschooling:  essay writing, civil war movies, who is grace darling?

in the garden:
50 strawberry plants planted, rows of garlic and onion peeking through the soil, bleeding hearts weeping in the rain.

in the craft room:  mixed media art, sewing vintage hankies together and getting ready for a big old shabby chic show, this weekend. 

reading:  nefertiti.  excellent, egyptian historical fiction!  this book has taken me, personally into uncharted territories.. since i know very little about egyptian history.  unless you count knowing the words to "walk like a egyptian."

hope you have a wonderful wednesday!

May 16, 2011

each spring, i am in awe of the rainbow of colors, that smothers my backyard.  it is unimagineable, that inside a bland, brown flower bulb, and packed under the knee-high snow... that these beauties emerge each may, promising to make us happy!

then, there's our hawk.
who protects me from snakes and mice...
i love him (or her?).
so regal and confident.

happy monday!
p.s.  i had a mammogram today.
have you scheduled one, lately?
friend to friend... you should.

May 15, 2011

sunday dinner?

my in-laws were cleaning out an old trunk, and found this family cookbook, belonging to my husband brad's, great-grandma. 
 dated 1915.

in my mind, while thumbing through it, i thought that maybe i would set a goal for myself and prepare various, "sunday dinner's" from this old gem.  after looking through the recipes... i'm likely not to.  the recipes are way to complex for me.

this handwritten note, on school paper, had the recipe for cookies.  the best treasures are hand-written and tucked in between pages.

i'm grateful that my in-laws gave me this... i'll treasure it always... but, i don't think i'll be making cornstarch cake with maple frosting anytime soon.  wink.

May 13, 2011

cheap thrills.

i've had zero luck finding any treasures at yard sales, this spring.  nothing. but! i did pick up a few gems at our local flea market. 

this children's china cup, marked england. 
$1. bill.
perfect for windowsill bouquets.

doesn't everyone need a pickle dish marked germany?  sadly, it has a chip.  but i loved it anyway.  cost:  4 quarters.

another wall pocket for my collection.
love birds.  look at the monitor close...
you can see age spots.  no chips.
no markings.  cost: 10 dimes.

do tell!
leave a comment...
did you find any treasures, lately?

May 09, 2011

mother's day yesterday.

chocolate cake for breakfast.
hiked for three hours
in the state game
area (with mom, dad #2, and my boys),
for morale
mushrooms (none.)
picked fiddle heads to fry, only
to find out there are only
two kind that are not poisonous.
didn't want to end up dead on
mother's day, so i pitched them.
carry out shrimp and rib dinner.
5 games of euchre.  won two.

smile, wink, nod.

May 05, 2011

thursday thirteen:

pineapple $1. each
walked 4 miles with
a group of homeschool mom-friends
biked 2 miles with my boy
cleaned off bookshelves
spaghetti dinner
spray painted wire furniture
(hot pink and creamy green)
daffodils and hyacinths in full bloom
aha! discovered you can use cornstarch in place of tapioca starch (this is a big deal, if your gluten-free, wink.)
stopped at 2 garage sales (nothing!)
planning a morale mushroom hunt
prepped for freezer meals... i made two freezer dinners and will assemble more tomorrow.... if you're interested... check out this easy-to-follow-free web site:  click here!
finished the dvd: young queen victoria. entertaining.
popcorn tonight. sprinkled with Parmesan cheese, salt and butter.

May 03, 2011

spinach soup.... finally.

3-4 cups chopped up fresh spinach (or other greens) i used frozen from the garden last fall.
1/2 cup sour cream or plain yogurt
1/2 cup chopped onion
3-4 cups chicken stock
a couple of cloves of garlic smashed
salt to your taste

Sauté the onions and garlic in a small amount of butter or olive oil, add the broth, bring to a boil, remove from heat and add greens. Cover and let set until greens change color, puree in blender or with a hand blender, pour back into pot if using a container blender. Add cream and reheat over low, add seasoning to taste.
         This can be served hot or cold.


i've been on the hunt for a good spinach soup recipe... this one, i made yesterday.  it was rich and filling and wonderful... ever so good for you.

you are welcome to copy and paste this recipe!
smile, wink, nod~

May 01, 2011

green slippers.

i've been playing around with corel photoshop.  tweeking. editing and having just a good old time with my pics. here's one of my recent favorites.

this picture is worth a thousand words.

i will be sending it off to walgreens and having it framed.

it signifies:  love, generosity, kindness and the surreal, unbroken bond of cousins.

my cousin.  the one who taught me how to apply mascara, when i was seven.  the one who told me i needed a new hair-do.  the one who dances hysterically with me at every family wedding, and the one who gave me her upscale hand-me-downs during the 1970's... which were totally  marcia brady cutting edge, which, i wore proudly.  dancing to michael jackson's, "rockin robin,"  until we couldn't dance any faster.  her most profound messege of late, embedded in my brain is, "sometimes, (as we age) you need to try a little harder."

still with me?  okay then.. let me get to the point so you can get on with your sunday... 

 on friday, i met with her... admired her 2 inch heel- wedgie-style maryjane's...tried them on.. fell in love and she insisted i "borrow" them until we meet again. 

she wore and drove home, with her green felted slippers on. a trek  south...50 miles (plus).

if this isn't generosity, kindness and love, then what is?

thank you dr. cousin
(one of 10 top ob/gyn's
in all of metro detroit).

off to church.  will be applying mascara just as she showed me and trying a little bit harder. 

smile, wink, wink, nod.