December 23, 2010

merry christmas!
thank-you friends and family
for following my blog!
december was a whirlwind of
hustle and bustle... i look
forward to blogging more in
2011!  in the meantime....
don't eat too many christmas
smile, wink, nod!

December 20, 2010

look what netflix delivered today!

my own homemade daybook for monday 12.20

what i ate for dinner:  homemade black bean-veg soup, baked corn tortilla's, finished it off with two three no-bake cookies.

what i'm wearing:  nick and nora  vintage snow globe print pajama bottoms, brad's t-shirt, wet hair (shower) and bare feet.

what my man is doing:  brad is watching antique roadshow and looking like he'd like to go to sleep.  

what book i'm reading:  tonight, i start... "the help."  found it at goodwill.  hardcover. $1.  

what is that i hear?  tommie in the shower.

what is to my left?  a really ugly john deere blanket.  so un-shabby chic.

what is to my right?  netflix dvd on top of a christmas pillow.

what i am hoping?  that the rest of the week goes smoothly and stress-free.  and quickly.


December 17, 2010

my blue eyes scanned the thrift shop toy shelf!  blinking with disbelief, heart beating rapidly... i quickly lifted this gem from my childhood, off the shelf.  i peeked inside.. yes! looked like all the pieces were there.  sauntering, with a cocky spring in my sciatic-pain step, i pulled out three single dollar bills and bought it!  we played this art auction game the other night- had a blast, too!  then.... i checked it out on amazon and ebay.  it's selling for $37.  i'm not about to sell mine.. just saying... if you keep your eyes peeled, you could easily flip this on ebay.  $$$  smile, wink, nod.

December 16, 2010

pink giant shasta daisy's...
line my back porch windows.
each week, when the day is over and done at the market i set up at, i am given bunches and bunches of fresh, leftover flowers that didn't sell at the vendor's booth next to me.  i've been blessed with dozens and dozens of pink or white roses, french yellow tulips, fuchsia carnations and orange shasta daisies. talk about kindness....  thanks kathy!  smile, wink, nod. 

December 14, 2010

always a hit!  instead of giving plates of homemade cookies or cookie mixes in a jar.... i love making and giving these homemade cookie rolls. this year, for friends and family, i whipped up homemade gingerbread cookie dough, wrapped and rolled them in wax paper, then foil... and then covered a section of the cookie dough with a fun-designed wrapping paper!  i chose fushia and orange.. non-traditional christmas colors... so that, my recipents use them in january... the colors will perk them up!  i'll attach a note with baking directions and a note, to stick the roll in the freezer and not use until 2011!
smile, wink, nod!

December 13, 2010

years and years ago, my cousin lori gave me this addicting recipe for homemade carmel corn!  it's pretty quick and easy to make... plus, your kitchen will smell very cozy! and, the best part for us... it's gluten-free!  here's the easy-peasy recipe:

2 cups light brown sugar
1/2 c. light corn syrup
2 sticks butter or marg.
boil the above for 5 min.
remove from heat and add:
pinch of salt, pinch of cream of tarter and 1/2  t. soda
in a lightly sprayed roaster:
Pour over 8 quarts of lightly salted popcorn.
Toss gently
(i use a wooden spoon)
Bake at 200* for an hour.
Dump on waxed paper.
Let cool.
Break apart and store in an airtight container.

December 10, 2010

just went with my boys to see, the heart-warming christmas play, "the homecoming." the theatre is intimate and cozy. the actors did a stellar job.  and the story certainly succeeded in putting us all in the christmas spirit! and, to top it off... it had a definite christian flavor. want to read more?  click here!

December 09, 2010

a flop!

i decided i had enough of just "looking" at my candy thermometer, sitting on the pantry shelf, and decided to use it.  i found a 2-ingredient recipe for carmel cream candy and directions, just three sentences long!  how hard could it be?!

what grand, cozy memories i thought my boy and i would be making. my thimble-sized kitchen quickly filled up with a marvelous maple-vanilla smell.  heavenly.  then, it came time to, "mix until fluffy"...  listening to the mixer struggle, grunt and groan, and finally releasing a toxic, plastic-burnt smell... we came to the sad realization that..........

this idea was a complete flop! my mixer went to heaven that day.  cleaning the pot, wasn't as joyous as one would expect either, and our cozy smell, quickly fled.  looks like it's back to wurther's originals, for us.  smile, wink, nod!

December 07, 2010

i'm thoroughly enjoying my work at
the mansion....i've been blessed
by the owner, to display and sell
some of my goodies!

i decorated my room with twinkle lights.. and a pink neon christmas tree!

 saturday night, found me hosting a birthday party-murder mystery, for 25 people, at the mansion!  i don't need to do any of the cooking, serving or clean-up... just greet and make the guests comfortable, and get the group into the murder mystery adventure! however, i do enjoy the owner, her family and family friends, sheryl... so, i just sort of lend a hand in the kitchen, when i can!

i'm looking forward to tomorrow. the mansion is having a christmas tea and i'm invited to work!  there is no better place to catch the christmas spirit, then in this breath-taking atmosphere!  plus, i enjoy dressing up for the events... a welcome change from my jeans.

December 03, 2010

look to the right...
i've added some exciting new
blogs to my sidebar!

paris montana
rhinestone armadillo
a fanciful twist

check them out... i think you'll enjoy them!

December 02, 2010

i recently treated myself to this fantastic new bible resource book!  very user-friendly!and, i'm learning bunches!
smile, wink, nod.

December 01, 2010

Christmas Food Court Flash Mob, Hallelujah Chorus - Must See!