July 30, 2012

random monday....

when did my son get such broad shoulders?
he's 14.5 and has a little side business re-building cars in the barn.  he works every night until 11 pm.  plays country music and loves ice cream drum-sticks.  i am most proud, because he bought himself a camo-cross necklace and wears it faithfully.   

my aunt and i are addicted to playing on-line scrabble.  we have 13 games going.  it is something nice to look forward to, and to be able to chat with each other daily.  something we never, ever did.  it's a wonderful bond.

this summer, my mom found a bike and spray painted it a pretty, buttery color.  sure wish it was in my yard!

and, i wanted to share with you.... my mom's love and passion for primitive, east-coast rug-hooking.  she is currently working on this santa... with hand-dyed, recycled wool.  isn't it spectacular?

lastly, my blogging friend lynn has launched a new blog, titled "Dylan's Dresses"...  click here  and follow along.  she has a real eye for vintage dressing and has many similar interests as "us!"


happy, happy monday!

July 26, 2012

just stopping by this rainy morning, to share a few garden pictures with you.  here's me, picking more, and more and yet... more beans.  today, is the last day i'll be canning beans for the season.  i hope to do 6 more quarts.. for a total of 24.  i ask you... what family of three, needs 24 quarts of beans?  the good lord has blessed us with them... so we'll use them and give or sell the rest. 

wasn't it nice of my husband to plant this insane row of tomatoes?  new this year... i'll be canning bbq sauce.  we use a lot of it.  and pizza sauce.  lots of that, as well.

miles.. or what seems like it.... of carrots, beans and onions.  three of four honey bee boxes protect the borders of our property... skunks and opossum have been TRYING to claim the honey.  note, the word trying.  they won't anymore!  wink.

do you see the mister, in the back of this photo?  this is the first official year for our strawberry patch.  this year, i made strawberry-honey jam. it has more of a kick to it then sugar based jam... but knowing 7 cups of sugar didn't go into the recipe, makes it more enjoyable!

this is my little salad garden.  it is home to herbs, different leafy lettuces, cauliflower, broccoli and fennel. 
sadly, this year... due to the weather, we did not get a single apple or pear.  and our daisy's, which blanket our fields... didn't make it either. 


hip, hip horray!  i found my camera!  it was in my glove box!

July 24, 2012

craft wars, canning and romans 12:2

tonight finds me with a bowl of death-by-chocolate ice cream and watching the new TLC show, craft wars with tori spelling. below is the link, which also has a link for a 40% off michael's coupon!  i don't know about you, but michael's is a pretty dangerous place for me!

sure wish i had my camera, so i could share the 18 quarts of green and yellow beans i've pressure canned.  last week, i also canned pickled beets.. my great aunt louise's.  and tomorrow will find me canning, herb jelly. 

how cool is it, when you open your bible and the exact answer you're needing is right in front of you?  that's happening to me quite often, lately.  romans 12:2

hope you have a sweet tuesday night... i'd love to know what you're canning and crafting and favorite scriptures!
smile, wink, nod.

July 23, 2012

dear me... i've misplaced my camera, once again. 'tis not unusual for me to misplace keys, my red camera, sunglasses or cell phone and most recently, my checkbook.  anyway, i borrowed this picture from internet-land... because i dislike blogging unless i have a picture. 
onward to a trusted, tried and true old friend...

"the monday daybook"

outside my window:  darkness, no stars, not even the moon... perhaps they too, have been misplaced? 

i'm thinking:  of the horrific tragedy in colorado, over the weekend.  i'm sending prayers to the murderer's parents.  can you even imagine, if your child did that? 

i'm thankful for:  mr. clean magic erasers and our window-air conditioner.

from the learning room:  i ordered my son's ninth grade curriculum.  NINTH GRADE.  so bittersweet.  and, he's re-building small cars to flip for profit. i count this for education... since he is self-teaching himself on the repairs and rebuilding of parts and also, accounting, shipping, and communication skills....and, thanks to the internet and you-tube, which seems to be able to answer any problem he has.

from the kitchen:  tonight i pressure canned 6 quarts of green beans. for a total of 18 quarts. 

i am wearing:  nick and nora pajama bottoms, a sock monkey and flamingo print and black tee shirt, reading glasses and wet hair, since i just showered.

i am creating:  lots of scrabble games with my aunt joyce.  we play scrabble all the time via facebook. 

i am going:  to bed very soon... and snuggle in to read my latest quirky fiction. 

i am reading:  the three miss margarets... see  my side bar. it's a choppy-hard to follow book and quirky, too.  but, i'm 3/4 of the way through and can't leave now. how about you?  what are you reading?

i am hearing:  gosh, i didn't realize it, but... there's a lot of noise pollution in the house.  husband has a man-show on.. one of the high-testosterone shows and i hear youtube videos speaking to my son, on how to fix something.

around the house:  empty ice cream bowls, dog toys strewn around the floor and a mountain of laundry waiting for me in the morning.

one of my favorite things: death by chocolate ice cream.
a few plans for the rest of the week: find the camera, garage sale on thursday, and start treadmilling again. 

happy monday night!

July 22, 2012

last week, when my boys (husband and son) were out in the barn, doing the father-son thing... i was left all alone, to watch this super-excellent, much anticipated, ordered through netflix, movie...  coco chanel, with shirley mcclain. 
was it fantastic?
was it beautiful?
was it inspiring?
was it historical and educational?
was it a love story?
a resounding, yes!
i wouldn't mind owning it... yes mam, it was that good!  i'm not into high-fashion, nor am i name brand driven... but i am addicted to self-made people, france and history.  this fit the ticket, perfectly.  and then some.  it even made me crave cheese, wine and good french bread and fruits.
i found this youtube video of the movie, so you could get a little sample of how beautiful of a movie it was:

now i must close the laptop, fire up the grill.. throw a couple of steaks on for "those boys," and peel back some corn on the cob.  i hope you have a swell sunday night.

i'll be back, tomorrow... until then!
smile, wink, nod!

you're missing me?
i miss you, too.
and, i miss blogging....
stay tuned... i'll be back within 24 hours to start up this blog again!
happy sunday!
it's already hot and humid, here in michigan!