July 24, 2012

craft wars, canning and romans 12:2

tonight finds me with a bowl of death-by-chocolate ice cream and watching the new TLC show, craft wars with tori spelling. below is the link, which also has a link for a 40% off michael's coupon!  i don't know about you, but michael's is a pretty dangerous place for me!

sure wish i had my camera, so i could share the 18 quarts of green and yellow beans i've pressure canned.  last week, i also canned pickled beets.. my great aunt louise's.  and tomorrow will find me canning, herb jelly. 

how cool is it, when you open your bible and the exact answer you're needing is right in front of you?  that's happening to me quite often, lately.  romans 12:2

hope you have a sweet tuesday night... i'd love to know what you're canning and crafting and favorite scriptures!
smile, wink, nod.


jamie said...

Wow, awesome on the canning! Sounds like you will have some good stuff this winter. :-) I have been doing lots of tomatoes. Our green beans sort of dried up. Some years are better than others... I am knitting a pair of turqoise socks for a friend's birthday...half a sock to go. My favorite bible verse is Phil. 4:8
Have a wonderful evening, my friend!

MICHELE said...

Oh Jamie... if I lived closer..I'd be glad to share some beans with you! My tomatoes aren't quite ready.