July 26, 2012

just stopping by this rainy morning, to share a few garden pictures with you.  here's me, picking more, and more and yet... more beans.  today, is the last day i'll be canning beans for the season.  i hope to do 6 more quarts.. for a total of 24.  i ask you... what family of three, needs 24 quarts of beans?  the good lord has blessed us with them... so we'll use them and give or sell the rest. 

wasn't it nice of my husband to plant this insane row of tomatoes?  new this year... i'll be canning bbq sauce.  we use a lot of it.  and pizza sauce.  lots of that, as well.

miles.. or what seems like it.... of carrots, beans and onions.  three of four honey bee boxes protect the borders of our property... skunks and opossum have been TRYING to claim the honey.  note, the word trying.  they won't anymore!  wink.

do you see the mister, in the back of this photo?  this is the first official year for our strawberry patch.  this year, i made strawberry-honey jam. it has more of a kick to it then sugar based jam... but knowing 7 cups of sugar didn't go into the recipe, makes it more enjoyable!

this is my little salad garden.  it is home to herbs, different leafy lettuces, cauliflower, broccoli and fennel. 
sadly, this year... due to the weather, we did not get a single apple or pear.  and our daisy's, which blanket our fields... didn't make it either. 


hip, hip horray!  i found my camera!  it was in my glove box!


Bargain Hunting Treasure Seeker said...

You have an awesome garden!! We didn't plant enough beans or snow peas this year, so no freezing or canning for us. We have had a few dinner's worth though. We have zucchini coming out our ears!! :)

jamie said...

Wow, your garden is gorgeous! I enjoy hearing about all the different things you preserve. It may seem like a lot now, but it's amazing how fast it goes during the winter months. :-)

Lynn Dylan said...

Hey friend! I was missing you too! Glad you're back. Look at your garden! My my, someone knows what they are doing! I need to plant a bit more next year, but I don't have too much space. Nice big yard, but will have to keep the garden under control! wink wink. Hope your days are happy and sweet!


MICHELE said...

Thank you friends!

Anonymous said...

wow. this garden is the best. Brad must spend hours keeping this up. What a good guy. I looks LOVED

Anonymous said...

Not I.

It looks LOVED