October 31, 2012

i had heard rave reviews about an area supermarket.  with an hour to spare, in between point a and point b.... i stopped in, to check things out.

it was late saturday afternoon.. around 4 pm.  i made a quick observation, how weird it was, that contractors in michigan would be working so late--especially on the weekend.  more unusual in that, very little funds are being spent on facades and other building projects... at least, in this neck of the woods.

in fact, i do double-takes when i see trusses on the ground or when i see a barn or house being erected.
really?  someone in michigan, actually has money to spend on building?  my heart always feels good, because i know someone out there, is stimulating the economy!

it's just not common around here, anymore.

and then, i spotted this sign. 
and i smiled.  i smiled big.... all by myself.
and i knew i had to plow into the owner's office and commend him.
shake this man's hand, if you will.
and, that's exactly what i did.

this owner "get's the big picture."
i knew i was around a successful businessman.
if i wasn't currently employed... i would apply or volunteer to work for this man.  i'd push the broom through the aisles.  and i'd take notes on what he said.  it's true.

in spite of some pretty dirty union bullying, which he shared with me....
 he held onto his integrity. 
one hand washes the other, if you will.

the way it was and the way it should be.
 integrity.  not such a lost art, in small town america.

smile, wink, nod

October 28, 2012

last week in michigan, we had a few good days of positively beautiful weather.
i took advantage and loaded up some of my inventory, headed to my cousin's farm... which once belonged to our grandparents...
and took some really excellent pictures. 

this is my cousin jeff.
he and i... both only children... grew up as brother and sister.

that day, i witnessed integrity.
a lost art, it seems.
but it was alive and well that day.
very alive, indeed.

smile, wink, nod.

October 27, 2012

saturday night at the movies...
we rented the movie, "the grace card."
from netflix
it was...beyond excellent. 
a very moving movie, about forgiveness.
click here for details....
have you seen any movies, lately that "moved" you?

October 15, 2012

i misplaced my blogger password.
thought i'd give the blogger sign-in one more shot.  this morning, at 5:45 am.... i did!!
and it let me on!
so after being vacant, for nearly a month... i'll just jump right in!
This past weekend here in Michigan was damp and dark.  In spite of my head-banging sinus headache, I was able to work in the kitchen and make meals ahead. 
- shredded bbq chicken... for quick meals... pizza and taco's.
-loaves of gluten-free bread... frozen in slices for blt's, club sandwiches and garlic bread
- shredded carrots (4 bags) for this carrot cake muffin recipe for gluten-free and regular (click here).  i printed and attached the recipe to the bags. 
-freezer bags full of butternut squash
i managed to stick a pot roast in the oven, and while the cozy smell filled up the rooms of this little house, i found myself under my blanket... napping.
the weekly outdoor markets, where i sell my treasures, has come to an end for 2012... (although i still have a couple of permanent venues, which keep me on my toes).... and as much as i adore that life i created, i am looking forward to getting to know my home and staying put.  and organizing.
just friday, i took 6 bags of really bad and outdated clothing to salvation army.  i swear, i did the happy dance when the last bag was tossed in the donation dumpster. 
i've eliminated even more stress, by not being involved in a homeschool co-op.  believe me, it was wonderful at the time, when my son needed that sort of interaction.  but, time marches on and it was time to grow in a different direction.
we are still homeschooling and he is involved (by his choice) with Future Farmers of America in a local vocational school.
this seems to be a better fit for his personality.
he has more in common with like-minded teens who enjoy farming, mechanics and ag-science.
well, it sure feels nice to be able to log back onto this blog.
enjoy your monday...
smile, wink, nod.