November 30, 2011


zoey's sister, chloe-ella

during the night, we received our first, fresh snow.
not a lot, but just enough to make things pretty and fun.
during homeschool break today,  tommy took the dogs out to run around.  and around. and around.  the dogs delighted in the snow so much, that the snowballs stuck to their fur, making it difficult for them to walk... hence, they had to be carried in one-by-one, to a warm waiting bubble bath! 


our christmas trees are up.  lights are plugged in.
the house is decorated... and clean.
however, preparing gluten-free dinner on a busy day is next to impossible.  that's why egg beaters and hash browns and homemade canned pears, are a staple at our house.

do tell,  what are some quick busy day meals that you can throw together on a whim?
smile, wink, nod.

November 29, 2011

organized chaos!

 this free printable organizer, on pintrest.  would it surprise you to know that, i'm not organized whatsoever.  i don't make lists.  most phone numbers are either written on my hand or i memorize them or they get stashed in my out-of-date address book from the 1980's.  gosh, come to think of it... i don't even keep a calendar.  pretty crazy, ugh?  and a grocery list?  nada-chance. but, i'm thinking.... a printable list like this one, might be fun to try?  i especially like the hydrate reminder. okay, the fitness section, would be really helpful, too. 

oh and a wrist watch? i don't wear one of those, either.

feel free to copy, paste and print this list, for your own good use.  smile, wink, nod!

November 27, 2011

this year in michigan, it was an exceptional year for apples.  
i made a bazillion batches of applesauce.. but, i just couldn't ignore the rest of our crimson apples, dangling off our apple trees... going to waste. 
so, with bucket in hand, we came up with a 5-gallon bucket full and put them to good use.
i ended up putting up about a dozen quarts of homemade apple pie filling.

apple pie filling... it's a good thing!
smile, wink, nod!

p.s.  jamie... hope you had a nice thanksgiving, too!

November 26, 2011

this is....

what happens when...........

you forget to unplug.

seriously, i can't believe i did this.
i'm pretty neurotic when it comes to safety.
i check.  i re-check, and then i wonder if i really did re-check, so i re-check again.  i do that with locking doors.  turning ovens off. coffee pots and lights.
i'm even on-the-edge, about leaving home with the dishwasher, washer and dryer and crockpot on.

so, how did this happen?
i'm simply......... clueless.

November 22, 2011

-haPPy THanKsgiviNg-
this photo... courtesy of awkward family photos.
have you been to the site? 
it's a great place to visit, if you need a giggle or a walk down memory lane!
here's the link:  photos

November 18, 2011

this morning, i'm jumping in here to share this fantastic post, that my bloggy-friend Mitzi wrote.  i think you too, will give her a standing ovation!  click here:  made in china

November 17, 2011

did i tell you, my mom bought the sister to our puppy, zoey?
well, she did.  and she named hers chloe.
recently, we had a high-energy-week-long- fun... puppy-sitting for her.
i never get tired of watching the rowdy puppy play!  rolling, tumbling and loving!

November 13, 2011

what's new on the home front?

the past three days, i've immensely enjoyed working at two different chippy-vintage shops.  they're small stores... mom and pop-type... which is a good fit for me. corporate and all the rules that follow, is and could be the death of me.  at the two shops i work at,  i work alone, unless my cousin robin comes in to help out. and both owners allow me to take my son and his load of homeschooling with us.  on those days... schooling is basic.  truth is, i feel at 13, he's getting a better education in the retail world.  also known as:  the real world.  wink.  he's getting a first hand view of dealing with the public and some of their outrageous remarks and actions, money and profit, cleaning and helping customers by carrying heavy packages to their cars and loading antique furniture for them.  which is his favorite part.
today, i had a booth at our local flea market.  it's such a dump.  but, i really enjoy the cheap-deals and free-perks.  plus, i'm enjoying the very unusual friendships that i'm developing.  flea markets seem to attrack a myriad of colorful (i'm using a nice adjective, here) personalities. a lot of my time is spent, wondering why the good Lord put them in my path?
i love pondering things like that.
i had a customer today, who shared his opinion on right-winged, conservative christians.  out of no where, he felt he should lend me his thoughts.  i listened.  but then, i defended my faith and political views, and it was a divine feeling.

well, my feet are throbbing, from the past four days of work.  my eyelids are heavy.. and i'm going to wiggle down under my blanket, here on the couch. 
sweet sunday night to you, my friends.

November 09, 2011

recycled wednesday

at the thrift shop...............

i found a lampshade.
i found a lamp base.
i found an old skirt.
i found some white boas.
i found vintage earrings.
i found some scrap fringe.

and then i plugged my hot glue gun in.

i tore apart the skirt and only used the lace ... it originally had a lining in it.  then, i hot glued vintage earrings randomly.  and added fringe and boas.  the entire project took about 45 minutes.  quick!

i'm totally adore the delphinium flowers on the lamp base.  but, since i've been junking and re-selling... i've quickly learned not to fall in love with anything.  everything is for sale.
this will head to one of my venues this week. 
with a healthy price tag.

if it doesn't sell.......  i will just have to bring it home.
which won't break my heart.
smile, wink, nod.

November 08, 2011

let's be real here....a freshly plucked-up garden potato is in a league all of it's own.  hand's down, no comparison to grocery store potatoes.

this wasn't a terrific year for our potatoes.  oh sure, we have a wheel-barrow full.  and i've baked and froze up bags of oven fries.  but, i don't have all that many to can, like i did last year.

yesterday, i did whip up a few batches of potato-leek soup, to freeze. i had quite a good crop of leeks and garlic, this year... naturally, i took advantage of those gems!  wink.

one of my favorite smells?  sauteeing' garlic, butter and leeks.

before i connect you with the recipe, i want to share, that i don't add milk before i freeze it... (i add when i prepare it)  and i also toss in a good sprinkle or two of caraway seeds!

the recipe for this cheap, comfort food is here!

November 06, 2011

thrift store shoes!

i  got a new pair of wing tips!
black and white.
salvation army
brand new.
happy me.
happy feet!
smile, wink, nod!

November 03, 2011

because i have adult ADHD (self-diagnosed)... i enjoy really super quick projects.  30 minutes and under is ideal for a chicka like me.  then i can move on to the next.... and the next.

okay, so this one is the bomb....
it's homemade body scrub.
it's made in like 3 minutes or less.

first i mixed up a batch of pumpkin pie spice body scrub.

.......then i whipped up a big batch of lemon scrub.

you're suppose to seal them in an air tight, type canning jar... which i did, however, i was just too lazy to take a snap of the finished projects. 

would you like the recipe? 
 i kind of thought so.... follow this:

2 1/2 cups of white sugar
4 Tablespoons of vegetable oil or evoo.
essential oils to your liking

for pumpkin pie scrub...
 i just omitted the essential oils and added pumpkin pie spice.

wouldn't this make a wonderful gift?
in a pretty jar with maybe a vintage spoon or scoop attached?

November 02, 2011

virus and chest colds!

well now... it sure does feel good to be back!
my computer has been in the shop, with a nasty virus.
the computer is all better...
but we humans, are battling chest colds.

needless to say, we spent halloween night being less
active then normal.  we went to my mom's for bakes spaghetti dinner, a few tough games of euchre and passed out candy to 89 trick or treaters... yes, she keeps a tally!

so my loyal's... as i lay here on the couch in my salvation army flannel pajama's (the pair that is dotted with pictures of chocolate candy), i must pull myself together and pop a couple of nighttime cold pills and get ready to slither down under the quilt to watch my very favorite t.v. show... modern family.

i will be back very soon!
hope you are all feeling well.
smile, wink, nod.