November 13, 2011

what's new on the home front?

the past three days, i've immensely enjoyed working at two different chippy-vintage shops.  they're small stores... mom and pop-type... which is a good fit for me. corporate and all the rules that follow, is and could be the death of me.  at the two shops i work at,  i work alone, unless my cousin robin comes in to help out. and both owners allow me to take my son and his load of homeschooling with us.  on those days... schooling is basic.  truth is, i feel at 13, he's getting a better education in the retail world.  also known as:  the real world.  wink.  he's getting a first hand view of dealing with the public and some of their outrageous remarks and actions, money and profit, cleaning and helping customers by carrying heavy packages to their cars and loading antique furniture for them.  which is his favorite part.
today, i had a booth at our local flea market.  it's such a dump.  but, i really enjoy the cheap-deals and free-perks.  plus, i'm enjoying the very unusual friendships that i'm developing.  flea markets seem to attrack a myriad of colorful (i'm using a nice adjective, here) personalities. a lot of my time is spent, wondering why the good Lord put them in my path?
i love pondering things like that.
i had a customer today, who shared his opinion on right-winged, conservative christians.  out of no where, he felt he should lend me his thoughts.  i listened.  but then, i defended my faith and political views, and it was a divine feeling.

well, my feet are throbbing, from the past four days of work.  my eyelids are heavy.. and i'm going to wiggle down under my blanket, here on the couch. 
sweet sunday night to you, my friends.

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Joyful Catholics said...

Well, i love your blog, and 'good for you' defending your faith! Amen sista! :) God bless 'em and love 'em all, those who i guess are just 'fearful' and don't really understand what true faith is. God bless you! :)