August 29, 2012

has it really been over 10 days since i've blogged?
it's not because i haven't thought about it... but i have a box full of excuses..
crops are rolling in, canning in the kitchen, attending and selling at markets and organizing homeschooling. 
my boy will be in 9th grade. 
what i'm reading:  tonight, i start phillipa gregory's, earthly joys.
what i'm watching:  i have a netflix movie waiting to be watched, "the five people you meet in heaven."
last thing i canned:  11 jars of pizza sauce.  very easy!  i'd love to do more.
on top of my stove:  a pan of gluten free brownies.. heavy on the walnuts.
tunes i'm listening to:  on the free spotify radio program... willie nelson and john mellancamp
best coupon buy:  12 bottles of xtra laundry detergent at kmart.  $2. a bottle.
toe nails are painted:  red
last thing i bought for myself:  mineral make-up from revlon.. love it.. nice coverage.
the mini bike above in the pictures... is something my son bought of craigslist.  he rebuilt it, repainted it and sold it for a small profit.  we sure had fun riding around on it for a few days...
have a wonderful wednesday night...and i'll be back soon!

August 14, 2012

Gosh.. this blog is turning into a cooking blog Or so it seems.  I haven't planned it that way... But, this is what's happening in my world, lately. Let's blame it on all of the good crops coming into fruition and not wanting to waste anything.

As you can see by the writings in my cookbook... this recipe is one of my husband's favorite recipes. It's gratifying and VERY FUN to make, too... since it uses so much of what is grown in our garden.  My kitchen smells beautfiul, when I'm sautee'ing all of this..........
It calls for bread crumbs... I grind my own, since that husband of mine, is Celiac.  It is equally as delicious with gluten-free bread crumbs.  It's just bread crumbs... when you're cooking for a Celiac, takes on a whole other meaning.  More on that another day....... (wink).

I made enough freezer side dishes up for Fall and Winter meals. I usually serve it with a salad or chicken.
I love freezer meals!  How about you?
smile, wink, nod.

August 09, 2012

this picture needs no explaining.
except that you can't see the cloves of garlic tucked underneath, roasting.

smile, wink, nod!

happy thursday.. we are getting some much needed rain!

August 07, 2012

Outside of Flint, Michigan... my eyes spotted an Estate Sale sign and of course... I had to stop.  Estate Sales are not normally successful for me.  But, this one was!
I found these vintage, bling-a-liscious brooches.... 

and a retro owl necklace....

I love them all!
Happy Tuesday to you!
smile, wink, nod.

August 03, 2012

hash browns for the freezer

this past week, we plucked up gold.  homegrown potatoes, that is!  i had two colanders of these gems... and i wasn't in the mood to pressure can.  so...........

i pulled out my friend.. the food processor and... wait, what's that coffee spoon doing in the picture?  aha!  so, i guess now, there's no denying i made a cup of maxwell house instant coffee and shredded up potatoes into hash browns.

and i added onions to the processor.  and mixed it in with the hash brown potatoes. 

and here we go...  homemade hash browns and onions.. ready to go in the freezer.  the color of some of the bags, lacks eye appeal.  but, i figure... once they're cooked to a golden brown.. it shouldn't really matter.

i did it again...... i ate another bowl of death-by-chocolate ice cream. 

smile, wink, nod.

August 02, 2012

scouring through a local thrift shop last week, what did my eyes spy? this beautiful picture!  no water-marks, no flaws.  just a nice antique picture, in th original frame.  i'm not sure what era this came from?  i love the gladiola's in the vase.. they remind me of my gardens in august. 
well, it's time for my second cup of coffee... and off to hit some thursday morning garage sales.
while proof-reading this post, i realized i didn't tell you the best part of this old picture.
it was just $3.
smile, wink, nod.