August 29, 2012

has it really been over 10 days since i've blogged?
it's not because i haven't thought about it... but i have a box full of excuses..
crops are rolling in, canning in the kitchen, attending and selling at markets and organizing homeschooling. 
my boy will be in 9th grade. 
what i'm reading:  tonight, i start phillipa gregory's, earthly joys.
what i'm watching:  i have a netflix movie waiting to be watched, "the five people you meet in heaven."
last thing i canned:  11 jars of pizza sauce.  very easy!  i'd love to do more.
on top of my stove:  a pan of gluten free brownies.. heavy on the walnuts.
tunes i'm listening to:  on the free spotify radio program... willie nelson and john mellancamp
best coupon buy:  12 bottles of xtra laundry detergent at kmart.  $2. a bottle.
toe nails are painted:  red
last thing i bought for myself:  mineral make-up from revlon.. love it.. nice coverage.
the mini bike above in the pictures... is something my son bought of craigslist.  he rebuilt it, repainted it and sold it for a small profit.  we sure had fun riding around on it for a few days...
have a wonderful wednesday night...and i'll be back soon!


jamie said...

The bike is cool! It looks like a lot of fun. :-)
I have been canning pizza sauce, too. Nothing like pizza made with homemade sauce. Happy Friday, Michele! :-)

~Byn There said...

If Tommy finds any small dirt bikes, my Ethan is looking for one. Glad to see you're back to blogging. :)

Mitzi said...

Well, it's back to school time, and I think the weather is going to cool off. I hope you are doing well...I haven't visited in a long time!