September 13, 2012

things around this here ranch have been busy-good!
each day i think to myself,  today i need to blog.
and then one day rolls into the next and the next and.....
so, here i am.  first cup of coffee in hand, fox news on the television and a few minutes of time on my hands.
what's new?
politics:   wow.  i sure never remember so much division, hatred and crookedness, both nationally and internationally.  i can only think that the Good Lord is up above feeling great sadness with all of the discord in the world.
social media isn't helping with political anger, either.
i have a business account.  the rage, arguing and outbursts which come across my screen, have reached a manic-state.
it is exhausting.
so i look at the world and see the anger
and i make a conscious effort to move beyond that.. not to get swallowed up in all the negative.
--  homeschooling my son has been a joy. he has a concrete set of plans for his future, in knowing what he wants to do... so i'm able to tweek his curriculum to meet those needs and those needs for him to get into diesel mechanic school. 
it has taken a tremendous amount of pressure off of me.
--our vegetable harvest has been timely.  some years everything comes in at once.  this year the vegetables have timed it just right for me.  yesterday, i had a couple of crockpots of baked potatoes cooking and made several freezer-mashed potato dishes.  when the snow blows and wind whistles... we will be thankful.
-- i canned something new-to-me.  cream of tomato soup.  i'm thinking of you jamie... if you'd like the recipe, i'll link it for you.  it was a messy project.  and lengthy.  and made 11 pints.
but i know we'll enjoy it with gluten-free grilled cheese sandwhiches, in the colder months.
-- i'm finding myself lost in the pages of, "the queens mistake".
well, it's time fill my coffee cup again and start my son on his homeschool lessons... and catch-up on dreaded but rewarding housework.  have a wonderful thursday, friends!
smile, wink, nod.


jamie said...

I would love the recipe-yum! Thank you for thinking of me! Hey it's good to be busy-I am so impressed with your homeschooling-it sounds like you are doing a wonderful job and have great plans!
Ugh, politics. I am ashamed to tell you that I've been avoiding it all and burying my head in the sand. It won't make it go away, but it just does in my mind for a while. lol Ah, sounds good right now. :-)
Have a blessed rest of the week, Michele!

Mitzi said...

Hi Michele! I love the picture you posted! I agree with you about the political stuff...ugh.

It's great to hear your son has his future mapped out. He sounds like a great kid!

Anonymous said...

Yay! I love mechanics!!- Janet M