February 28, 2012

i wanted oatmeal... but it exploded in my microwave.
ever have one of those mornings?

yesterday, i moved into a new venue!
was there all day working, displaying, and climbing around.

then i came home, took two advil (sore old muscles) and laid upside down like ella-bean, on the couch.

hope you have a nice tuesday!

February 26, 2012

happy sunday!
happy that it's the last weekend in february!
speed spring!

February 23, 2012

just sharing a few of my items that i'm selling at local flea markets and different venues.  i did end up selling the vintage bathing suit (see previous post)... on ebay.  it's heading to california...  i wonder what the owner plans to do with it?
smile, wink, nod.

February 17, 2012

recently, i found this groovy, vintage bathing suit. 
 it' a jantzen.  i'm not sure if it's from the 50's or 1960's...
i can tell you, that the fabric melts-in-your hand and is loaded with brilliant, summery colors.  i stuck it up on eBay and we'll see if anyone will snatch it up!

i'm not into "wearing" vintage clothing, but i do appreciate beautiful work.  if i had a cottage or lived on a lake, i think this would make a stellar piece to display in your bathroom, for the summertime. 
wouldn't it make a great conversation piece?

smile, wink, nod.

February 14, 2012

on saturday night, i worked at the william peter mansion, hosting a valentine murder mystery for a very fun group of guests.
that's my boss, teresa on the right... she has taught me so much about writing murder mysteries and short stories.... and  has taught me to relax under pressure...how to take things right up to the edge and proof that everything will work out.  her confidence in me, is something i will be eternally grateful for... since i think i probably carried "c's" in english and creative writing classes in high school.  oh but, if only miss best and mr. little larry stricker, could see me now!  they may just give me a nod. 

this is us, on the floor of her office... going through character scripts.... round two or maybe it was three?  this shot was taken just before we became  extremely slap-happy and right before dessert was being served.  we got the giggles, like teenagers and tears were raining down my face... 
i know.........what-a-job-i have!

after the party, i laid down with the owner's daughter, holly, in the office twin bed.  we re-hashed the night and talked about forthcoming parties and the themes the mansion will be doing, in march. 

how blessed am i, to be part of the mansion-chick team.
smile, wink, nod.

February 09, 2012

while out thrift shopping the other day, i ran across this ever-so-vintage-ever-so-yellow-ever-so-polka-dotted-all-weather jacket.  it must be from the 1950's or early 60's. 
it's in perfect vintage condition.
sadly, yellow isn't my color.  i'm much to pale and what, with my faux blond hair... i'd look ridiculous in it.
but, i know someone will love it.
maybe someone with great dark hair and beautiful brown eyes... someone like marlo thomas.

speaking of marlo thomas.... if you're a child of the 60's, like i am... maybe you'll remember this theme song.  i know my blog music will be a distraction... but listen to it anyway.. it'll bring back happy vintage memories!

smile, wink, nod.
p.s. the ever-so-yellow-polka-dotted jacket, is up for grabs on ebay... click on my ebay door on my sidebar, if you're at all interested.

again... smile, wink, nod.

February 06, 2012

just a couple really cheap flea market finds!
6 quarters total.
such a busy monday today, but i did manage to squeeze in a trip to salvation army and treated my boy to a panera bread lunch.  i had vegetable soup in a bread bowl... he had a blt.  then it was home to homeschool lessons...

 i finished up my kindle book, charlotte figg... which i highly, highly recommend, and didn't want it to end!  tonight, i'll dive head first into this salvation army treasure, the tea rose by jennifer donnelly, which i invested .33 cents in!

i'm thinking it's just about time for me to splurge on a few of the cottage tales of beatrix potter... via amazon books... used of course.  check out the series.... sure does look interesting:

happy monday night!
smile, wink, nod.

February 04, 2012

totally random things in my world....

goldfish waiting in a glass, while their bowl is being cleaned.
weather in michigan? i flipped the air conditioning on in my car and pulled off my 100% wool sweater.  seriously, is this february in michigan?

zoey-ella cuddled up after her bath.  i renamed her ella-bean. 
i'm trying a new hair product, pantene for curly girls.  i love it.
just discovered vistacost.com...  great place to order gluten free items... $10. off coupon at their site and free shipping on orders over $49.  i bought $50. worth of pasta and brown rice flour.

we harvested a few beets, this past week. who knew, you could continue to harvest your garden year 'round in michigan?
loving my kindle... currently 3/4 though, "charlotte figgs takes over paradisee." 

here's a quick shot of part of my booth at the local flea market. 
during the week, i watched the dvd, "nanny mcphee returns,"  i reactivated my netflix account.  oh, the scenery in that movie!  loved it.  dinner tonight was a new recipe...  chicken tenderloins, dipped in butter and rolled in potato chips.  baked at 350 for an hour.  fattening and what a hit!
smile, wink, nod.
happy saturday.

February 02, 2012

it's been literally ions, since i've talked about homeschooling.
and yes-sir-ee.... we're still at it.  this year has proved to be one of the best.  most likely because, i've streamlined it directly into my son's veins! and kept an eye on his vision for his future.  for us, it's not about the campaign against mexico city led by winfield scott. or why eddie rickenbacker did what he did.  not that knowing those things are a bad thing... it's just something that doesn't interest us.
it's about figuring out certificates of deposit terms and compounding interest and annual yields.  it's about learning about escrow accounts and ruptured quad tendons in dire need of repair and how the caliphate is playing a role in our future.  it's about learning, researching, you-tubing and absorbing everything you can about abu dhabi.... because you talk via facebook everyday with someone who is there!  

here's what our day today, looks like:

-teaching textbooks (a regimented, well planned out, good pre-algebra curriculum)  subtracting negative coefficients.

- business math:  operating and maintaining an automobile

-agricultural mechanics:  welding, oxyfuels and oxyacetylene and other gases.

-science:  lifepac, balance in nature... a christian science program. write a paper on luther burbanks.

-killing lincoln by bill o'reily... he's reading this for history and writing 5-10 facts on what the chapter was about.

-current events.... we plug into glenn beck radio or rush limbaugh and listen and discuss.  sometimes the discussion goes on throughout dinner.  lots of good info and truthful, too.

after lessons... the learning doesn't stop!

-work with dad remodeling one of our apartment units or work at the neighbors farm or do chores around the house or help me with my small business or "homework."

-evening:  a documentary, history channel, a game of scrabble or backgammon, or xbox games or just surfing the net, or being quiet so mom can sleep on the couch!

and, yes.... i even let him listen to country music while he does his homeschooling....as long as he does his work correctly.

smile, wink, nod.