February 06, 2012

just a couple really cheap flea market finds!
6 quarters total.
such a busy monday today, but i did manage to squeeze in a trip to salvation army and treated my boy to a panera bread lunch.  i had vegetable soup in a bread bowl... he had a blt.  then it was home to homeschool lessons...

 i finished up my kindle book, charlotte figg... which i highly, highly recommend, and didn't want it to end!  tonight, i'll dive head first into this salvation army treasure, the tea rose by jennifer donnelly, which i invested .33 cents in!

i'm thinking it's just about time for me to splurge on a few of the cottage tales of beatrix potter... via amazon books... used of course.  check out the series.... sure does look interesting:

happy monday night!
smile, wink, nod.


Bargain Hunting Treasure Seeker said...

I have a set of shakers just like the one you got with the green top. I bought them from Mitzi's booth at the Howell antique mall-they go great with Fiesta!!

jamie said...

Good finds! I love the soup at Panera. Mmm, and the sandwiches. And the bagels... Happy Tuesday! =)

Lynn said...

Hey friend! I love popping in to see what you've got goin on! Love your little corner of the store, hearing about your homeschooling and what you are reading on kindle, your beet, the weather and all of it! Keep it up!