March 31, 2012

just the other day, thursday... i bought this madame antoinette lamp.  it's tacky, i know.  i think it's from the late 50's or 1960's.  it's not worth anything.  i paid next to nothing for her.  but, she makes me happy.  plus, i feel like marie.  and, i feel like eating crusty, french bread when i look at her.
speaking of feeling french....
how about tapping into:

March 30, 2012

today, i taught a class for our homeschool group, called junkyard art.  this semester, the students, my assistants and myself, have been working on a performance of the mega-powerhouse- broadway phenomenon, STOMP. 

and so it is... that i thought the kids should bang up and abuse their own costumes.... using resources we already had.  or should i have typed have?  either way, you know what i mean.  please don't correct me on this, i am a hyper-sensitive, moody artist.  just smile and nod, okay?

the students brought in old blue jeans, rocks and twine... they filled their jeans with rocks and tied them closed.  see pictures above.  wink.  my assistants and i along with the teenagers, drove down pavement roads and gravel... giving new life to the word, distress.

the event wouldn't have been a success, if the kids (some are not pictured) didn't take a break on an old backroad,  check their  road-kill jeans and............  break out into a flash-mob type dance... with heavy blues music.. which incidently, had an even heavier, dancy type beat. 
i can only hope, that the students will have fond memories of this day. this day, i will remember forever.

the finished products were laid to rest on the gym floor.  waiting.  waiting a fortnight to be worn and performed in.
*take a moment to really study the picture above... there are tire tread marks on one pair, big chunks of material taken from others, and other evidence of abuse.
the beat goes on................
smile, wink, nod.

March 26, 2012

i'm 52% through with this quirky fiction.
52% you might ask? pretty technical.
i'm thoroughly enjoying it, on my kindle.
enjoying it so much in fact, i should be
planning school lessons, or tidying up the house,
or working in my little junk-market business...
or prepping gluten-free freezer meals.
instead, i have plans to add extra blankets on the beds.. it's 30-40 degrees here in michigan, and then retire to my soft bed and fluffy pillow.. to escape into the land of  arizona fiction.

here's a direct link to the book and what it's about:
what book is on your nightstand?

March 25, 2012

recently... i had a surprise package arrive in my mail, from janet, one of my blog readers.  it's a perfect sized notebook, to record all sorts of favorite recipes, tips and plans. 
i'm still a gluten-free (not by choice) struggling cook... so this will be just perfect to jot down recipes, conversions and tips, in.
thank you, janet... your thoughtfulness is appreciated.

p.s.  your mom sure did raise a couple of really nice girls!

March 18, 2012

weather:  unseasonably perfect.  warm, sunny, humid, clean, fresh.  dreamy.

reading:  a big pile of magazines my aunts and mom gave me.  ripping out recipes and ideas that i will organize.... someday.  yeah, that's right... someday.

writing:  itching to write another murder mystery for the mansion i volunteer at.  it's just finding time.

listening:  obsessed with fletcher henderson and his orchestra... 1926 big band music. 

making:  silly birdhouse gourd houses, nesting (for birds) chicken-wire logs, and finishing unfinished projects.

drinking:  ice-cold ice water.  and... i did have a coke from tim horton's today... i'm not a soda pop drinker... but needed one to knock my headache out of me.  it did.  wink.

enjoying:  my son.  he's successfully working two jobs and homeschooling.  plus, he's rebuilt his 4-wheeler (grease-monkey, but heck, who cares... he's learning), and is making strides in his welding lessons. 

looking forward to:  my snap peas sprouting, hoping for a bumper crop.

March 17, 2012

A week ago today, found me meandering 'round Michigan State University... checking out the beautiful Stallions... from all over the country!

Let's be honest.  I know very, very little about horses.  I can't tell you a cantor from a gallop.  But they are a beautiful animal and I enjoy watching different riding events.  And, the dressings, well, they're pretty smashing, too. 

I probably looked like I needed to get off the farm more.... when I oooogled over these brand new horse trailers.  Can you imagine living on the road in style like this?  I'm standing in the back of the horse trailer.... shooting through the door... straight ahead is a little loft-type bed.  If I could of got away with it, I would of hopped right up and tried that bed out! 

And, look... would you just look at this walk-in shower?  It's huge!  And, the design is pretty sophisticated for a horse trailer.

This stallion reminds me of Mr. Ed. 
Am I dating myself?  If you don't know Mr. Ed.... then google and youtube him.  Why, he was the talking horse.

smile, wink, nod.

March 15, 2012

Whew... it's Thursday and I haven't quite caught my breath from this past weekend!  I had the good fortune of helping my cousin out at her Cowgirlz Clozet booth at the Michigan International Stallion Expo at Michigan State University.
Besides the food... I very much enjoyed the Lipazzon's.  Enough, that the performance brought tears to my eyes.

 This is me... with one of the Festival of Horses riders.  They're a group who demonstrates on the lawn of the Grand Hotel on Mackinaw Island.  The owner of the Grand Hotel was also present.  But, I missed him.  I think I was under the table trying to find my turkey sandwhich and fritos.  I'm sure I'd of made a fool out of myself anyway.  I always slip up when I'm in the presence of someone with class. 

My cousin Robin, designed this peacock dress.  Which received stellar comments!  And, was a success.  $.

 Above, I'm giving a hard time to my neice, Hali.
She's a gem.  I love her, so.

super serious bling necklace!

My cousin Robin... who loves me unconditionally. 
 And, I her.  smile, wink, nod.

March 08, 2012

yesterday, to my surprise... my boy made my lunch.  'twas excellent... detailed with red hot pepper flakes on top. 
*note:  the historical fiction, stealing mona lisa, in the background; which i just finished reading.  i know, i know... i keep saying this book or that book is really excellent.  but my friend, stealing mona lisa was indeed, one of my top favorites.  the author is BRILLIANT.  request it from your library, if you're into art history, quirky twist and turns and european culture. 
very well written. i'm surprised hollywood isn't jumping on this.
here's the amazon link: stealing mona lisa.

i've cleaned up my sidebar links to different blogs i've enjoyed.  i've added some exciting new places; be sure to check them out... they will fill your heart with happiness!
cheyenne!  if you're reading this... send me your photography blog link... and i'll re-add it to the line-up.  i have such faith in your God-given talent and am excited to watch where your talent takes you.

do you have a favorite blog i can add to the list?
if so, leave a comment... 

we had a lovely day in michigan, yesterday.  i hope your neck of the woods was pleasant, too.
smile, wink, nod.