March 08, 2012

yesterday, to my surprise... my boy made my lunch.  'twas excellent... detailed with red hot pepper flakes on top. 
*note:  the historical fiction, stealing mona lisa, in the background; which i just finished reading.  i know, i know... i keep saying this book or that book is really excellent.  but my friend, stealing mona lisa was indeed, one of my top favorites.  the author is BRILLIANT.  request it from your library, if you're into art history, quirky twist and turns and european culture. 
very well written. i'm surprised hollywood isn't jumping on this.
here's the amazon link: stealing mona lisa.

i've cleaned up my sidebar links to different blogs i've enjoyed.  i've added some exciting new places; be sure to check them out... they will fill your heart with happiness!
cheyenne!  if you're reading this... send me your photography blog link... and i'll re-add it to the line-up.  i have such faith in your God-given talent and am excited to watch where your talent takes you.

do you have a favorite blog i can add to the list?
if so, leave a comment... 

we had a lovely day in michigan, yesterday.  i hope your neck of the woods was pleasant, too.
smile, wink, nod.

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jamie said...

That was such a thoughtful and sweet thing to do. It looks like a delicious salad, too!
Thanks for the links. I will have to check them out. :-) Polka Dot Cottage is a cute blog, too. And Posy Gets Cosy. I love the Food In Jars that you already have, also. Happy Friday, my friend! ;-)