March 15, 2012

Whew... it's Thursday and I haven't quite caught my breath from this past weekend!  I had the good fortune of helping my cousin out at her Cowgirlz Clozet booth at the Michigan International Stallion Expo at Michigan State University.
Besides the food... I very much enjoyed the Lipazzon's.  Enough, that the performance brought tears to my eyes.

 This is me... with one of the Festival of Horses riders.  They're a group who demonstrates on the lawn of the Grand Hotel on Mackinaw Island.  The owner of the Grand Hotel was also present.  But, I missed him.  I think I was under the table trying to find my turkey sandwhich and fritos.  I'm sure I'd of made a fool out of myself anyway.  I always slip up when I'm in the presence of someone with class. 

My cousin Robin, designed this peacock dress.  Which received stellar comments!  And, was a success.  $.

 Above, I'm giving a hard time to my neice, Hali.
She's a gem.  I love her, so.

super serious bling necklace!

My cousin Robin... who loves me unconditionally. 
 And, I her.  smile, wink, nod.

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