March 17, 2012

A week ago today, found me meandering 'round Michigan State University... checking out the beautiful Stallions... from all over the country!

Let's be honest.  I know very, very little about horses.  I can't tell you a cantor from a gallop.  But they are a beautiful animal and I enjoy watching different riding events.  And, the dressings, well, they're pretty smashing, too. 

I probably looked like I needed to get off the farm more.... when I oooogled over these brand new horse trailers.  Can you imagine living on the road in style like this?  I'm standing in the back of the horse trailer.... shooting through the door... straight ahead is a little loft-type bed.  If I could of got away with it, I would of hopped right up and tried that bed out! 

And, look... would you just look at this walk-in shower?  It's huge!  And, the design is pretty sophisticated for a horse trailer.

This stallion reminds me of Mr. Ed. 
Am I dating myself?  If you don't know Mr. Ed.... then google and youtube him.  Why, he was the talking horse.

smile, wink, nod.


jamie said...

Wow, I had no idea a horse trailer could look so nice inside! Amazing...they are gorgeous animals!

MICHELE said...

jamie.. i couldn't believe how nice the inside of the trailer was/are/is!