March 18, 2012

weather:  unseasonably perfect.  warm, sunny, humid, clean, fresh.  dreamy.

reading:  a big pile of magazines my aunts and mom gave me.  ripping out recipes and ideas that i will organize.... someday.  yeah, that's right... someday.

writing:  itching to write another murder mystery for the mansion i volunteer at.  it's just finding time.

listening:  obsessed with fletcher henderson and his orchestra... 1926 big band music. 

making:  silly birdhouse gourd houses, nesting (for birds) chicken-wire logs, and finishing unfinished projects.

drinking:  ice-cold ice water.  and... i did have a coke from tim horton's today... i'm not a soda pop drinker... but needed one to knock my headache out of me.  it did.  wink.

enjoying:  my son.  he's successfully working two jobs and homeschooling.  plus, he's rebuilt his 4-wheeler (grease-monkey, but heck, who cares... he's learning), and is making strides in his welding lessons. 

looking forward to:  my snap peas sprouting, hoping for a bumper crop.


jamie said...

Sounds like a great weekend! We need to get our peas planted soon. I am loving this warm weather, too. Hope it's here to stay! Have a lovely Monday :-)

MICHELE said...

thanks jamie... it is a beautiful spring, here in michigan!