March 31, 2012

just the other day, thursday... i bought this madame antoinette lamp.  it's tacky, i know.  i think it's from the late 50's or 1960's.  it's not worth anything.  i paid next to nothing for her.  but, she makes me happy.  plus, i feel like marie.  and, i feel like eating crusty, french bread when i look at her.
speaking of feeling french....
how about tapping into:


jamie said...

Hey, if it makes you happy, I think that's what truly matters. :-)
I have never heard of that singer. Like how she puts so much feeling into it.

MICHELE said...

Jamie... I never, ever heard of Edith. I stummbled upon her, from a different blog! I did a little research on her... she led a pretty colorful life! Makes me wish I knew what she was saying! LOL.