April 01, 2012

where has nellie bly been all of my life?
i've never learned about her in school. 
 i might of heard her name before, but even that, i'm not too sure about.
so, when i was surfing through netflix... a documentary about her sparked my interest.  the dvd, "around the world in 72 days," arrived in yesterday's mail
 i've come to admire her and her spunky spirit.
if you think about it... one would have to have to be charismatic, have a lot of guts and explosive creativity to work for joseph pulitzer.
if you haven't heard about her... see if you can order the dvd, through netflix or your library. 
 you won't be disappointed.
she's a big part of american history... who should not be overlooked.
smile, wink, nod.


jamie said...

Hey, I will have to check her out. I have heard of her name...in a song? Maybe? But, I don't know anything about her. Thanks! :-)

MICHELE said...

Jamie... I think you'll enjoy her story. Be warned though, when she went into the insane aslym (sp?) on assignment... her experience made me sick to my stomach.

Cheyenne said...

Hey Shelly, here is the link to my blog, tried to e-mail it but it didn't work. so here it is! :)http://counrtyphotographyandthensome.blogspot.com/

Anonymous said...

Thanks Cheyenne!! Miss you!