March 26, 2012

i'm 52% through with this quirky fiction.
52% you might ask? pretty technical.
i'm thoroughly enjoying it, on my kindle.
enjoying it so much in fact, i should be
planning school lessons, or tidying up the house,
or working in my little junk-market business...
or prepping gluten-free freezer meals.
instead, i have plans to add extra blankets on the beds.. it's 30-40 degrees here in michigan, and then retire to my soft bed and fluffy pillow.. to escape into the land of  arizona fiction.

here's a direct link to the book and what it's about:
what book is on your nightstand?


jamie said...

That looks like a fun read! Right now, I am reading a mystery by Brandilyn Collins. Gone to Ground. Very good, although probably not the best choice to read before going to bed! ;-)
Happy Tuesday to you!

MICHELE said...

Jamie... I'm itching for a good mystery, next. LmK, if you have a favorite!

Brrrr in Michigan,