February 04, 2012

totally random things in my world....

goldfish waiting in a glass, while their bowl is being cleaned.
weather in michigan? i flipped the air conditioning on in my car and pulled off my 100% wool sweater.  seriously, is this february in michigan?

zoey-ella cuddled up after her bath.  i renamed her ella-bean. 
i'm trying a new hair product, pantene for curly girls.  i love it.
just discovered vistacost.com...  great place to order gluten free items... $10. off coupon at their site and free shipping on orders over $49.  i bought $50. worth of pasta and brown rice flour.

we harvested a few beets, this past week. who knew, you could continue to harvest your garden year 'round in michigan?
loving my kindle... currently 3/4 though, "charlotte figgs takes over paradisee." 

here's a quick shot of part of my booth at the local flea market. 
during the week, i watched the dvd, "nanny mcphee returns,"  i reactivated my netflix account.  oh, the scenery in that movie!  loved it.  dinner tonight was a new recipe...  chicken tenderloins, dipped in butter and rolled in potato chips.  baked at 350 for an hour.  fattening and what a hit!
smile, wink, nod.
happy saturday.


Janet's Creations said...

Hi Michelle,
Just a quick "Thank you" for introducing me to Mr. Leonard Cohen's music. A quick trip to the library and I picked up 3 CDs and a DVD of his live concert in London. Very moody music. I adore it all. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

MICHELE said...

you are soooo welcome, janet! happy sunday night!