February 02, 2012

it's been literally ions, since i've talked about homeschooling.
and yes-sir-ee.... we're still at it.  this year has proved to be one of the best.  most likely because, i've streamlined it directly into my son's veins! and kept an eye on his vision for his future.  for us, it's not about the campaign against mexico city led by winfield scott. or why eddie rickenbacker did what he did.  not that knowing those things are a bad thing... it's just something that doesn't interest us.
it's about figuring out certificates of deposit terms and compounding interest and annual yields.  it's about learning about escrow accounts and ruptured quad tendons in dire need of repair and how the caliphate is playing a role in our future.  it's about learning, researching, you-tubing and absorbing everything you can about abu dhabi.... because you talk via facebook everyday with someone who is there!  

here's what our day today, looks like:

-teaching textbooks (a regimented, well planned out, good pre-algebra curriculum)  subtracting negative coefficients.

- business math:  operating and maintaining an automobile

-agricultural mechanics:  welding, oxyfuels and oxyacetylene and other gases.

-science:  lifepac, balance in nature... a christian science program. write a paper on luther burbanks.

-killing lincoln by bill o'reily... he's reading this for history and writing 5-10 facts on what the chapter was about.

-current events.... we plug into glenn beck radio or rush limbaugh and listen and discuss.  sometimes the discussion goes on throughout dinner.  lots of good info and truthful, too.

after lessons... the learning doesn't stop!

-work with dad remodeling one of our apartment units or work at the neighbors farm or do chores around the house or help me with my small business or "homework."

-evening:  a documentary, history channel, a game of scrabble or backgammon, or xbox games or just surfing the net, or being quiet so mom can sleep on the couch!

and, yes.... i even let him listen to country music while he does his homeschooling....as long as he does his work correctly.

smile, wink, nod.


Anonymous said...

You are on the right track! I think of our conversation at the Keefer's garage sale quite often. Here's to "training them up in the way THEY should go. . . " and being a parent that is looking for that way.

Conni B.

jamie said...

Wow, that's awesome! Everything in life can be a lesson and it sounds like you are very wise and doing a great job in guiding him in the right directions. =)