January 26, 2012

while driving home last night, i had the radio tuned to 89.9.  "dance me until the end of love," played on the radio, soft and sweet.  my heart stopped.  i had never heard it before.  actually, listening to the song... i believe i stopped breathing for a minute.  i grabbed an ink pen, waited for the song to end and scribbled the song title and cheeky duo, THE CIVIL WARS onto the palm of my hand.
when i came home... i didn't walk, i ran to my laptop and googled THIS.  clearly, it is one of the most beautiful love songs i have ever heard in my life.  please take a minute an listen.  google the lyrics, if you need to.  read them.  they are indeed, profound.  I believe it was Leonard Cohen, who originally sang this gem and who deserves a huge hat tip, as well.  Listen and watch this beauty, HERE.


Janet's Creations said...

Beautiful song. Love the video. I just reserved the CD from the library. It should be here in a couple of days... I can't wait.
Thanks for the heads up !!!

Anonymous said...

Loved this song. So reminded me of your mom and dad, just once in a life time, and how wonderful they had this.

Mitzi said...

I love Leonard Cohen. He's written several other songs that I enjoy.