February 14, 2012

on saturday night, i worked at the william peter mansion, hosting a valentine murder mystery for a very fun group of guests.
that's my boss, teresa on the right... she has taught me so much about writing murder mysteries and short stories.... and  has taught me to relax under pressure...how to take things right up to the edge and proof that everything will work out.  her confidence in me, is something i will be eternally grateful for... since i think i probably carried "c's" in english and creative writing classes in high school.  oh but, if only miss best and mr. little larry stricker, could see me now!  they may just give me a nod. 

this is us, on the floor of her office... going through character scripts.... round two or maybe it was three?  this shot was taken just before we became  extremely slap-happy and right before dessert was being served.  we got the giggles, like teenagers and tears were raining down my face... 
i know.........what-a-job-i have!

after the party, i laid down with the owner's daughter, holly, in the office twin bed.  we re-hashed the night and talked about forthcoming parties and the themes the mansion will be doing, in march. 

how blessed am i, to be part of the mansion-chick team.
smile, wink, nod.


Mitzi said...

Yes, what a job you have! I'll bet you are perfect for it, too. Lots of fun!

The William Peter Mansion said...

Great times and many more to come! Mardi Gras next! Yeppy! Thanks girlfreind! Teresa

Lynn said...

Sounds like SO much fun! And you look beautiful!!