October 15, 2012

i misplaced my blogger password.
thought i'd give the blogger sign-in one more shot.  this morning, at 5:45 am.... i did!!
and it let me on!
so after being vacant, for nearly a month... i'll just jump right in!
This past weekend here in Michigan was damp and dark.  In spite of my head-banging sinus headache, I was able to work in the kitchen and make meals ahead. 
- shredded bbq chicken... for quick meals... pizza and taco's.
-loaves of gluten-free bread... frozen in slices for blt's, club sandwiches and garlic bread
- shredded carrots (4 bags) for this carrot cake muffin recipe for gluten-free and regular (click here).  i printed and attached the recipe to the bags. 
-freezer bags full of butternut squash
i managed to stick a pot roast in the oven, and while the cozy smell filled up the rooms of this little house, i found myself under my blanket... napping.
the weekly outdoor markets, where i sell my treasures, has come to an end for 2012... (although i still have a couple of permanent venues, which keep me on my toes).... and as much as i adore that life i created, i am looking forward to getting to know my home and staying put.  and organizing.
just friday, i took 6 bags of really bad and outdated clothing to salvation army.  i swear, i did the happy dance when the last bag was tossed in the donation dumpster. 
i've eliminated even more stress, by not being involved in a homeschool co-op.  believe me, it was wonderful at the time, when my son needed that sort of interaction.  but, time marches on and it was time to grow in a different direction.
we are still homeschooling and he is involved (by his choice) with Future Farmers of America in a local vocational school.
this seems to be a better fit for his personality.
he has more in common with like-minded teens who enjoy farming, mechanics and ag-science.
well, it sure feels nice to be able to log back onto this blog.
enjoy your monday...
smile, wink, nod.


jamie said...

Hi, Michele! It's nice to see you back on. I missed you! xoxo

Bargain Hunting Treasure Seeker said...

Glad you're back!!! :)