August 03, 2012

hash browns for the freezer

this past week, we plucked up gold.  homegrown potatoes, that is!  i had two colanders of these gems... and i wasn't in the mood to pressure can.  so...........

i pulled out my friend.. the food processor and... wait, what's that coffee spoon doing in the picture?  aha!  so, i guess now, there's no denying i made a cup of maxwell house instant coffee and shredded up potatoes into hash browns.

and i added onions to the processor.  and mixed it in with the hash brown potatoes. 

and here we go...  homemade hash browns and onions.. ready to go in the freezer.  the color of some of the bags, lacks eye appeal.  but, i figure... once they're cooked to a golden brown.. it shouldn't really matter.

i did it again...... i ate another bowl of death-by-chocolate ice cream. 

smile, wink, nod.

1 comment:

jamie said...

Oh, how awesome! Very nice. Are these from your garden? Makes me crave hashbrown casserole. :-)
Happy Monday to you, Michele!