November 09, 2011

recycled wednesday

at the thrift shop...............

i found a lampshade.
i found a lamp base.
i found an old skirt.
i found some white boas.
i found vintage earrings.
i found some scrap fringe.

and then i plugged my hot glue gun in.

i tore apart the skirt and only used the lace ... it originally had a lining in it.  then, i hot glued vintage earrings randomly.  and added fringe and boas.  the entire project took about 45 minutes.  quick!

i'm totally adore the delphinium flowers on the lamp base.  but, since i've been junking and re-selling... i've quickly learned not to fall in love with anything.  everything is for sale.
this will head to one of my venues this week. 
with a healthy price tag.

if it doesn't sell.......  i will just have to bring it home.
which won't break my heart.
smile, wink, nod.


jamie said...

Very creative! Happy Friday to you, Michele! :-)

Anonymous said...

I think it will sell. Your mind is working in a different way. Most people would never think to do this and would just throw it away. I love it.