November 08, 2011

let's be real here....a freshly plucked-up garden potato is in a league all of it's own.  hand's down, no comparison to grocery store potatoes.

this wasn't a terrific year for our potatoes.  oh sure, we have a wheel-barrow full.  and i've baked and froze up bags of oven fries.  but, i don't have all that many to can, like i did last year.

yesterday, i did whip up a few batches of potato-leek soup, to freeze. i had quite a good crop of leeks and garlic, this year... naturally, i took advantage of those gems!  wink.

one of my favorite smells?  sauteeing' garlic, butter and leeks.

before i connect you with the recipe, i want to share, that i don't add milk before i freeze it... (i add when i prepare it)  and i also toss in a good sprinkle or two of caraway seeds!

the recipe for this cheap, comfort food is here!

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jamie said...

Mmm, looks delicious! My husband would just love that--thanks!