November 29, 2011

organized chaos!

 this free printable organizer, on pintrest.  would it surprise you to know that, i'm not organized whatsoever.  i don't make lists.  most phone numbers are either written on my hand or i memorize them or they get stashed in my out-of-date address book from the 1980's.  gosh, come to think of it... i don't even keep a calendar.  pretty crazy, ugh?  and a grocery list?  nada-chance. but, i'm thinking.... a printable list like this one, might be fun to try?  i especially like the hydrate reminder. okay, the fitness section, would be really helpful, too. 

oh and a wrist watch? i don't wear one of those, either.

feel free to copy, paste and print this list, for your own good use.  smile, wink, nod!


Mitzi said...

Did ya get a little snow up there?

Stay warm!

jamie said...

Thank you...I don't wear a wristwatch point. Your apple pie filling looks lovely! :-)

Kimberley said...

Love this! I'm uber disorganized and this is wonderful! I stumbled upon your blog because of it and just wanted to take a moment to say it's absolutely inspiring :)