November 30, 2011


zoey's sister, chloe-ella

during the night, we received our first, fresh snow.
not a lot, but just enough to make things pretty and fun.
during homeschool break today,  tommy took the dogs out to run around.  and around. and around.  the dogs delighted in the snow so much, that the snowballs stuck to their fur, making it difficult for them to walk... hence, they had to be carried in one-by-one, to a warm waiting bubble bath! 


our christmas trees are up.  lights are plugged in.
the house is decorated... and clean.
however, preparing gluten-free dinner on a busy day is next to impossible.  that's why egg beaters and hash browns and homemade canned pears, are a staple at our house.

do tell,  what are some quick busy day meals that you can throw together on a whim?
smile, wink, nod.


Shepherdess said...

At our house, a quiche is a good answer! We have hens, so eggs are available. Sometimes I make it with a crust; often, I just skip the crust completely. The combination of ingredients is endless--broccoli and ham with dijon mustard; or how about bacon and onion and gruyere cheese; spinach and mushroom; a recent favorite, though is any leftover salad from last nights dinner, put into a quiche!

jamie said...

Oh, wow! I thought the snowballs stuck on the fur was hilarious! :-)
Omelets are quick, too, although I love the quiche idea. BLTs and Chef Salads are quick. Cheese, sausage and fruit plate?