November 02, 2011

virus and chest colds!

well now... it sure does feel good to be back!
my computer has been in the shop, with a nasty virus.
the computer is all better...
but we humans, are battling chest colds.

needless to say, we spent halloween night being less
active then normal.  we went to my mom's for bakes spaghetti dinner, a few tough games of euchre and passed out candy to 89 trick or treaters... yes, she keeps a tally!

so my loyal's... as i lay here on the couch in my salvation army flannel pajama's (the pair that is dotted with pictures of chocolate candy), i must pull myself together and pop a couple of nighttime cold pills and get ready to slither down under the quilt to watch my very favorite t.v. show... modern family.

i will be back very soon!
hope you are all feeling well.
smile, wink, nod.

1 comment:

jamie said...

Feel better Michele!