July 30, 2012

random monday....

when did my son get such broad shoulders?
he's 14.5 and has a little side business re-building cars in the barn.  he works every night until 11 pm.  plays country music and loves ice cream drum-sticks.  i am most proud, because he bought himself a camo-cross necklace and wears it faithfully.   

my aunt and i are addicted to playing on-line scrabble.  we have 13 games going.  it is something nice to look forward to, and to be able to chat with each other daily.  something we never, ever did.  it's a wonderful bond.

this summer, my mom found a bike and spray painted it a pretty, buttery color.  sure wish it was in my yard!

and, i wanted to share with you.... my mom's love and passion for primitive, east-coast rug-hooking.  she is currently working on this santa... with hand-dyed, recycled wool.  isn't it spectacular?

lastly, my blogging friend lynn has launched a new blog, titled "Dylan's Dresses"...  click here  and follow along.  she has a real eye for vintage dressing and has many similar interests as "us!"


happy, happy monday!

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jamie said...

Aww, he sounds like a great kid. Goodness, they grow up fast, don't they? I love the Santa picture...just beautiful! Happy Monday! :-)