July 23, 2012

dear me... i've misplaced my camera, once again. 'tis not unusual for me to misplace keys, my red camera, sunglasses or cell phone and most recently, my checkbook.  anyway, i borrowed this picture from internet-land... because i dislike blogging unless i have a picture. 
onward to a trusted, tried and true old friend...

"the monday daybook"

outside my window:  darkness, no stars, not even the moon... perhaps they too, have been misplaced? 

i'm thinking:  of the horrific tragedy in colorado, over the weekend.  i'm sending prayers to the murderer's parents.  can you even imagine, if your child did that? 

i'm thankful for:  mr. clean magic erasers and our window-air conditioner.

from the learning room:  i ordered my son's ninth grade curriculum.  NINTH GRADE.  so bittersweet.  and, he's re-building small cars to flip for profit. i count this for education... since he is self-teaching himself on the repairs and rebuilding of parts and also, accounting, shipping, and communication skills....and, thanks to the internet and you-tube, which seems to be able to answer any problem he has.

from the kitchen:  tonight i pressure canned 6 quarts of green beans. for a total of 18 quarts. 

i am wearing:  nick and nora pajama bottoms, a sock monkey and flamingo print and black tee shirt, reading glasses and wet hair, since i just showered.

i am creating:  lots of scrabble games with my aunt joyce.  we play scrabble all the time via facebook. 

i am going:  to bed very soon... and snuggle in to read my latest quirky fiction. 

i am reading:  the three miss margarets... see  my side bar. it's a choppy-hard to follow book and quirky, too.  but, i'm 3/4 of the way through and can't leave now. how about you?  what are you reading?

i am hearing:  gosh, i didn't realize it, but... there's a lot of noise pollution in the house.  husband has a man-show on.. one of the high-testosterone shows and i hear youtube videos speaking to my son, on how to fix something.

around the house:  empty ice cream bowls, dog toys strewn around the floor and a mountain of laundry waiting for me in the morning.

one of my favorite things: death by chocolate ice cream.
a few plans for the rest of the week: find the camera, garage sale on thursday, and start treadmilling again. 

happy monday night!

1 comment:

jamie said...

Wow, sounds like your son is very resourceful and creative! Very cool idea with the cars.
I am reading a book about the Titanic. It's called Echoes of the Titanic, by Mindy Starns Clark. A mystery...so far, so good.
Love your daybook! Have a lovely Tuesday :-)