July 22, 2012

last week, when my boys (husband and son) were out in the barn, doing the father-son thing... i was left all alone, to watch this super-excellent, much anticipated, ordered through netflix, movie...  coco chanel, with shirley mcclain. 
was it fantastic?
was it beautiful?
was it inspiring?
was it historical and educational?
was it a love story?
a resounding, yes!
i wouldn't mind owning it... yes mam, it was that good!  i'm not into high-fashion, nor am i name brand driven... but i am addicted to self-made people, france and history.  this fit the ticket, perfectly.  and then some.  it even made me crave cheese, wine and good french bread and fruits.
i found this youtube video of the movie, so you could get a little sample of how beautiful of a movie it was:

now i must close the laptop, fire up the grill.. throw a couple of steaks on for "those boys," and peel back some corn on the cob.  i hope you have a swell sunday night.

i'll be back, tomorrow... until then!
smile, wink, nod!


jamie said...

Oh, that sounds like a good movie. I've always thought she was classy.

MICHELE said...

Jamie... YOU will LOVE it. Try to rent it, if you can!

jamie said...

Thanks! I most definitely will. :-)
I hope your day is filled with blessings! xo

Janet's Creations said...

Happy to see you're back. I hope all is well with you and yours.