May 13, 2011

cheap thrills.

i've had zero luck finding any treasures at yard sales, this spring.  nothing. but! i did pick up a few gems at our local flea market. 

this children's china cup, marked england. 
$1. bill.
perfect for windowsill bouquets.

doesn't everyone need a pickle dish marked germany?  sadly, it has a chip.  but i loved it anyway.  cost:  4 quarters.

another wall pocket for my collection.
love birds.  look at the monitor close...
you can see age spots.  no chips.
no markings.  cost: 10 dimes.

do tell!
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did you find any treasures, lately?


jamie said...

No treasures here, but I enjoy seeing yours! I especially think the children's cup is charming.

suzieQ said...

Ooooh, I collect wall pockets too. I have a mess of birds (BEFORE they became a hot decorating object). I need to get on the photographing band wagon and start a blog of my sell things. I just had to send a shout out, since some people don't even know what they are. Like the pickle dish. Chips don't bother me too much. I figure, if I was as old as that dish, I'd have "chips" too.

Diann said...

Of course every good hostess should have a pickle dish. And if your pickle dish looks like a pickle, all the better! LOL I think that dish is awesome! thanks for joining TTF. Have a great day!

Krissy @ B.Inspired said...

Love that mug! I guess they're abundant lately. I found 4 mugs (all children related) during my thrifting last week! I thought they'd make perfect vases as well. :)