May 15, 2011

sunday dinner?

my in-laws were cleaning out an old trunk, and found this family cookbook, belonging to my husband brad's, great-grandma. 
 dated 1915.

in my mind, while thumbing through it, i thought that maybe i would set a goal for myself and prepare various, "sunday dinner's" from this old gem.  after looking through the recipes... i'm likely not to.  the recipes are way to complex for me.

this handwritten note, on school paper, had the recipe for cookies.  the best treasures are hand-written and tucked in between pages.

i'm grateful that my in-laws gave me this... i'll treasure it always... but, i don't think i'll be making cornstarch cake with maple frosting anytime soon.  wink.

1 comment:

jamie said...

Oh, how cool! And something handwritten-amazing. Even if you didn't cook the menus, I bet you could get some creative ideas from it. :-)