May 16, 2011

each spring, i am in awe of the rainbow of colors, that smothers my backyard.  it is unimagineable, that inside a bland, brown flower bulb, and packed under the knee-high snow... that these beauties emerge each may, promising to make us happy!

then, there's our hawk.
who protects me from snakes and mice...
i love him (or her?).
so regal and confident.

happy monday!
p.s.  i had a mammogram today.
have you scheduled one, lately?
friend to friend... you should.


Bargain Hunting Treasure Seeker said...

BEAUTIFUL flowers!! Happy Monday!!

jamie said...

Oh, so pretty! Just lovely. Holland has nothing on your backyard. :-) I need a hawk...I HATE snakes! lol
Have a wonderful week, Michele!

Mitzi said...

Your yard is looking mighty purty, Michele! I planted seeds this year to save money, and with all the rain we're getting, I think I'll have a bumper crop of blossoms!

Anonymous said...

Love how pretty all your flowers are. Friend to Friend I have never missed a mammagram in 50 years they are so important.
Love your yard and it has just begin. aunt janet mae