May 18, 2011

white wash wednesday.

in the kitchen: 
raspberry (gluten free) bread baking.

homeschooling:  essay writing, civil war movies, who is grace darling?

in the garden:
50 strawberry plants planted, rows of garlic and onion peeking through the soil, bleeding hearts weeping in the rain.

in the craft room:  mixed media art, sewing vintage hankies together and getting ready for a big old shabby chic show, this weekend. 

reading:  nefertiti.  excellent, egyptian historical fiction!  this book has taken me, personally into uncharted territories.. since i know very little about egyptian history.  unless you count knowing the words to "walk like a egyptian."

hope you have a wonderful wednesday!

1 comment:

CC said...

50 strawberry plants!, wow. Also beautiful flowers (from the last post) i would love to take some pictures. :)