May 19, 2011

 there's a whole lota' buzzing around my house! 

my brother-in-law, blessed us with 15,000 bee's and three bee hive boxes!

he literally drove across the state to pick them up.

they're loving our fields of dandelions! speaking of which, i'm seriously considering making dandelion wine. 

our area here in michigan, while it's not as devastating as the mississippi river and surrounding cities, we have been bombarded with rain.  so much in fact, we're questioning how this will affect the crops, here in michigan (not to mention the southern crops we depend on)?  a significant number michigan farmers are in dire trouble this season...  delayed planting, if at all and total wash outs.  most sugar beets in the thumb have not even been planted yet. and soy beans have only a three week window in which to be planted.  today, will find me at the grocery store... stocking up on brown sugar and corn meal!

on the other hand, i've recently learned that the famous maritime explorer, henry hudson, survived a winter, eating nothing but white partridges, in desolate canada 1607.  so, i'm thinking we could always have it worse.  please pray for our farmers, no matter where they are.  i'm sure their hearts are heavy.

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jamie said...

I will pray for the farmers. Wow, all those bees! Do you harvest the honey yourselves? I would love to, but I think I would be afraid of getting stung. Yummy, bet that honey tastes good though!
Have a Happy Friday!