May 27, 2011

this morning, i dashed out the door.. pink purse in hand and fueled with two cups of coffee. 
i was on a quick-trip to the local goodwill store and yes... searching for yard sales en route. 
so, what do you think of this huge bowl, made in italy?  i took a picture of it in the sink.. so you can get a good feel for how big it is!  cost:  12 quarters.  no chips.

one sale i went to, had really wonderful softcover's.  all .50 cents each. these are in fantabulous condition.  like new.  all either new york times best sellers or other award books. 


our weather here in michigan is painful.  i am so dog-gone tired of grey skies and the dampness.  my toes are cold. 
i'm signing off now... searching for my blanket and nestling in with my nefertiti book.  (see my sidebar).  i am really loving it!

1 comment:

jamie said...

I love the bowl! It looks Italian, with those colors.
Have a blessed week, Michele! :-)