May 01, 2011

green slippers.

i've been playing around with corel photoshop.  tweeking. editing and having just a good old time with my pics. here's one of my recent favorites.

this picture is worth a thousand words.

i will be sending it off to walgreens and having it framed.

it signifies:  love, generosity, kindness and the surreal, unbroken bond of cousins.

my cousin.  the one who taught me how to apply mascara, when i was seven.  the one who told me i needed a new hair-do.  the one who dances hysterically with me at every family wedding, and the one who gave me her upscale hand-me-downs during the 1970's... which were totally  marcia brady cutting edge, which, i wore proudly.  dancing to michael jackson's, "rockin robin,"  until we couldn't dance any faster.  her most profound messege of late, embedded in my brain is, "sometimes, (as we age) you need to try a little harder."

still with me?  okay then.. let me get to the point so you can get on with your sunday... 

 on friday, i met with her... admired her 2 inch heel- wedgie-style maryjane's...tried them on.. fell in love and she insisted i "borrow" them until we meet again. 

she wore and drove home, with her green felted slippers on. a trek  south...50 miles (plus).

if this isn't generosity, kindness and love, then what is?

thank you dr. cousin
(one of 10 top ob/gyn's
in all of metro detroit).

off to church.  will be applying mascara just as she showed me and trying a little bit harder. 

smile, wink, wink, nod.


jamie said...

Everyone needs a cousin like it! I have a good one, too.

Anonymous said...

No one would guess what she is, so everyday normal. I do love her also so much. She is just what you wrote. So glad you have each other, as a only child she is the sister you never had. How lucky you both are.