April 28, 2011

a resounding yes.
yes, i will be watching the pomp and circumstance.  love the history, i'm learning about... like jeff the confessor (or whatever his first name is) ... and i adore england.

the media is having a circus with all of this.. but, if it were me... i'd be asking the really tough questions.  questions like:

a.  has the queen of england ever watched the tudor's, on dvd?

b.  what's in her purse?

c.  does she have any normal habits that she does when she's all alone... like, singing off-key to Prince's, Raspberry Parade or eating a whole bag of cheese puff's?  not that i've ever done either....

d.  if her skirts are long enough... does she opt for knee socks instead of pantyhose?

e.  has she ever sunk her teeth into a grilled cheese sandwich?  dipped her french fries in ketchup, with her fingers and smacked two pieces of pizza together and chowed down.

see where i'm going with this?
smile, wink, nod.

1 comment:

Wee Pip said...

Those questions are fine, but my question is: What do they think of Dr. Who, and was he invited to the wedding?