April 27, 2011

outside:  crackling thunder, raindrops and lightening.  i LOVE storms like this.  i'm sure the peas i planted yesterday are singing with joy.

looking forward to:  the royal wedding. my invitation was lost in the mail (so,they say!), so, i'll be enjoying it in my lazy boy under my fleece blanket.  and instant coffee.  seriously, i'm looking forward to the pomp and circumstance.  the dresses, flowers, KATE, and of course the royal kiss on the balcony.  i truly think diana would adore kate. 

around the house:  my knees.  first time in the week that it happened, i just cried from the pain. so tired of being in pain.  it takes a lot for me to expel tears.. but... not yesterday.  i should clarify the accident:  i was going 3.5 at a 2 incline.  i did NOT have my safety plug on, and i was wearing shaper tennis shoes.  our treadmill has a wall behind it.. hence, the wall prevented me from rolling off the back... so my knees kept grinding on the tread.  i was stuck. until tommie came to the rescue. 

today:  will find me guiding my son through a thesis and essay.. due before midnight tonight.  and listing things on ebay, in between. 

future:  looking at my calender yesterday, i sure do have the days and weekends quickly filling up with shows.  here's a peak at what will be in my vintage suitcases for sale...

happy rainy day.
smile, wink, nod.

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jamie said...

Aww, I'm so sorry that you are still hurting. Fell better, Michele! Maybe you should get rid of that awful treadmill? There are lots of great exercise cds out there. Wishing you lots of rest and fun projects to do. :-)
Gorgeous jewelry! I am excited about the royal wedding, too. I remember watching Charles and Diana's wedding. Just adored her!