April 25, 2011

on saturday afternoon, i hosted a teen-aged birthday party at the mansion... it was a young queen victoria theme.. with a beatrix podder murder mystery (misspelled on purpose) twist.  the party guests brought their own cake (above), which i thought was incredibly adorable.  i've never saw a cake plate like this one... but would love one! 

it's a rainy monday, today.  cold and damp.  the dog is snoring in the chair.
  my legs are holding me back from my normal activities. i'm pushing on with all my might.  but at times... the pain drives me insane. motrin.  i'm happy, the third disc of rosemary and thyme came in the mail via netflix.  sally dee... if you're out there reading this... you must rent it.  you too, jamie!

my knee, today... one week later.  it's as if you took a razor blade and carved out 7 layers of your knee.  biggest lesson:  always use the safety plug on treadmills. 

and since i'm being, Mrs. Good News today... gas is $4.17 in my town. 

1 comment:

jamie said...

Duly noted! ;-) I will do so.
Yikes, your knee looks a little bit better. Make sure that you take care of yourself and take lots of rest breaks.
Aww, your dog looks so snuggly.