April 21, 2011

thanks for all the kind thoughts and wishes in my previous post.  i am mending slowly. 
i swear, i won't ever take my knees for granted again.  my sweet neighbor, loaned me an ancient (1970's) tube of ungentine.  it's a retro-remedy-lotion for burns, scrapes, etc.  it worked fabulously.  sort of smells like vick's vapor rub, but without the burn.  no doubt, this old tube was waiting for me and provided excellent temporary relief.
today, for the first time since sunday, i managed to pull myself together enough to drop tommie off at the library (he's taking a really excellent writing class).  i even managed to waddle through goodwill and kroger's produce!  you have no idea how bad cabin fever was setting in.. and the feeling of carbs expanding in my fat cells!

 a couple of bouquets, still going strong, from a couple of weeks ago.  one of the perks, at setting up at the sunday market!  free bouquets from my florist friend! 

my nose is buried in this book.  certainly isn't a new york times best seller.  but it's light and fluffy and cheap entertainment.

in spite of my legs and body being 90% immobile... we've pressed on and homeschooled. 
yesterday and today found us in india at the taj mahal.  oh! the things we've both learned!  the rabbit trails we went on and the speculations we made. 
didn't know this until today....
  • it took 1,000 elephants to haul supplies in to build it.
  • sri lanka is a tear drop shed from india
  • there all all sorts of imported gems, embellished throughout the taj.
  • there is a well in one of the tombs.
  • there are 22 rooms around the top of the dome.
  • the pillars on the outside of the taj are built slightly leaning away from the building... in case of an earthquake!  the pillars will fall away from the dome instead of damaging it.

happy thursday night!
smile, wink, nod.


Lisa said...

Was good to see you today, Mich! Glad Tommie is in class with us. He will do fine. I didn't quite get how badly you were injured!

jamie said...

Glad you are doing better...have a very blessed and happy Easter! :-)