April 19, 2011

 it happened again.
i fell.
not down the stairs.  nor off the curb in front of a police car, not off my backsteps... but on the treadmill.  this is the fourth time since january first.  i'm thinking i need one of those, "help! i've fallen and can't get up," alarm necklaces.
glad was i, not to be wearing shorts... i'm sure my patella would of be exposed.

wearing a dress today... exposing it to air...it seems to be healing quickly.  my wrists and shoulders feel like i was dragged behind a peterbilt truck.  today, i was able to make the best of it, by sewing and.......... 

 watching rented flicks from the library:  the tudors.  privately, that is.
smile, wink, nod.


Sue Smith said...

Pray for fast healing :)

Bargain Hunting Treasure Seeker said...

Oh Ouch! Hope it heals up fast! Praying for quick healing for you!!

jamie said...

Oh, gosh, Michele. It makes me hurt just to look at it.
Take care of yourself! Good idea to stick with a dress or skirt for a while.

Sallie Dee said...

....and you keep getting back on!!! What an inspiration you are!

amyhusted said...

Oh my goodness. Do you wear the clip that makes the machine shut off if you get too far away from it? Sue has it right, Ouch, Ouch Ouch!!

Anonymous said...

love your socks and shoes--
ouchy knees- rest up--Janet M