October 06, 2009

guess what's wrapped up in newspaper?

hundreds of green tomatoes. okay not really hundreds... but probably a good 50. we had a frost last week... and, since our garden was still producing like wildfire... i..... in a fever went out and gathered the harvest (doesn't that sound so quaint and lovely?) it really wasn't as pretty as it sounds... i was picking by flashlight, it was cold and the boys were out working late. plus, my socks kept slouching down in my wellingtons...which irritates me as much as a migraine. not pretty. however, i am sure... when the snow is flying and our local grocery store is selling their tomatoes for $4.99 a lb, we will enjoy eating our own homegrown tomatoes.
my grandma and as well as other atomic aged housewives, used to wrap their tomatoes in newspapers... store them in a cardboard box (only layer 2 deep) and they will slowly ripen up to christmas. you keep them in a cool, dark place. my vintage basement is perfect for that!
i also gathered a bushel basket of eggplant. i've froze enough eggplant over the last few weeks... i need no more. however, thanks to mr. google... i found this excellent, excellent, amazing roasted eggplant soup recipe that you can freeze. it's the best! click here if you'd like it! (i didn't use goat cheese and i added cumin to taste, and only added 1/2 c. of cream)


jamie said...

That eggplant recipe looks great! And good going on saving your veggies before the frost got to them!

MICHELE said...

thanks jamie! the eggplant soup is the best. mich