October 04, 2009

saturday craft!

i'm always inspired by the modge podge rocks blog! she has an enormous amount of ideas. and well, since it was a rainy, dreary, damp fall day yesterday (see the maple leaves on my patio?).... i decided to try my hand at modge-podging! yahoo!

my blue eyes spotted a set of coasters at goodwill. .19 cents each. fair enough. then... i pulled out an old black and white vintage book...started cutting up weird pictures, filled them in with pastel chalk...and mod-podge over them!

these snaps were taken when the project was still wet...when dried they look just perfect!

i'll either use them myself or give them as a gift to someone crazy!
love those quick weekend crafts!
visit modge podge rocks: click here!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

love those coasters!! I think your brain is super, always coming up with really neat ideas!- Janet M