October 02, 2009

i'm not really big into dollhouses...but i thought this one was outstanding! it's a replica of a french countryside mansion! it was even shipped to michigan from france. i spotted it last weekend at the antique show. it was breathtaking. i would love to have it in my garden! or.... if i could just shrink down small enough and tour the inside!
friday fill-in's:
i have a history of dunking my bread in olive oil, wearing the same lipgloss for 15 years and sleeping with my dog in my bed.
adding names & numbers to my cell phone is something i wish i knew how to do.
i recently ate pizza and antipasto salad!
some of my best nature treasures have come from roadkill on the side of the road.
so that's it, that's how you can pears! thanks for the tip rhonda. they're delish!
the crumbs in the bottom of a frito bag are better then nothing.
and as for tonight, snuggle in and read in bed, tomorrow my plans include: freezing up the last of my garden vegetables that are laying on a sheet in the basement! organizing homeschool lesson plans and hoping to do a few new crafts... and on sunday i plan to... go to my spunky church, pick up more pears to can and organize the house again... my house is so darn little... it is in contant need of organzing!


Lisa said...

Those crumbs are very salty! LOL I have lesson plans to do too. Argh!

~Byn There said...

Gorgeous dollhouse! Curious how much they were asking.

jamie said...

I have always thought the crumbs were the best, but it does making dipping difficult. lol
The dollhouse is amazing. It definitely has the European look-beautiful-looks so real that I wouldn't have known it was a dollhouse if you hadn't said so.
I hope you have a very blessed Sunday tomorrow!

Lynn said...


Ewwwww, you know I LOVE dollhouses. That one is lovely!!

Your pal,